Paper Furniture

Paper Stool

This stool is made from Kraft paper, 100% natural material, it can bear up to 300kg. it is foldable, easy for carry and storage. height 35cm with diameter 32cm, weight 2.5kg, color: brown, white, red, black height 42cm with diameter 36cm, weight 3kg,color: brown, white, red, black, green, orange,yellow, acid blue, grey, green,pink

Paper Bench

This Bench has three lengths for 3 seats, 6 seats and 9 seats. You can adjust the lengths to fit in your space, and it can set up at any shape, it can be a straight line, curved line or S shape. Available colors: black, white, brown, red, green, yellow, orange, acid blue.

Paper Sofa

The biggest advantage is you can set up this at any shape as you wish. It can be extended to 6m long with 9 seats. Available in brown and white.

Paper Futon

This product is a fantastic because it can be transform to 8 off different shapes, it can be used as a seat or side table. It has white and brown two colors, and weight is less than 5kg, once it is used as Futon, the height is 21cm and diameter is 58cm.

Paper Round Table

Round table is available in white,brown, black and red four colors, three different height 50cm, 63cm and 75cm, diameter is 56cm. Top can be acrylic top or timber top.

Coffee Table

37cm high coffee table, available in brown and white two colors, diameter is 54cm, with acrylic top.

Slim Table

Slim table is 75cm high with curved shape, available in brown and white two colors, diameter is 56cm or 70cm, with acrylic top.

Display Plinth

There is a wide range of display plinth, from round cylinder shape, rectangle block to custom designed shape, you can create a display area in a short time, and easy to transport and storage.

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